Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The sustainability experiment - September 2013 - The base line

We have decided to use September as our base line month. We have done this for a few reasons. September is a fairly neutral month. Reduced heating and cooling loads. Daytime is equal to nighttime. During the day we use a significant amount of daylight to light the house, but during the evening we need to use electricity from the grid. 

Here's the data:
Electricity produced: 170 kWh
Electricity purchased from grid: 220 kWh
Total electricity used: 390 kWh
Gas used
Water used: no data
Water collected: none
Food produced: none produced onsite. 50 quart jars canned. This came from neighbors trees who allowed us to use their surplus. 

If you have a metric you would like to see us track, please comment and I'll start tracking it. 

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