Friday, August 16, 2013

The Sustainability Experiment

We are at an incredible moment in history. Society has learned many ways to tear the world apart. We have also learned how to take care of it. History has taught us much about how past cultures lived sustainably, and today's technology gives us an added edge to make it happen in the present. A sustainable world is within reach. That's why it's time for a little experiment.

We will see how sustainable of a home we can create starting from an existing home.  Throughout this process we will outline the good, and the bad of the process. The goal will be an understanding of how close we can get to a sustainable, Net Zero home.

We will gauge how well we are doing based on a series of criteria. Resources used compared to resources produced is the basic concept.  If there's something you think we should add let us know. We want this to be an open dialogue that can help us all live more sustainably.

As always, please comment.

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